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Texts from:

 Helmer Lång 
 Johan Ström 
 Ulf Berg 
 Karl-Erik Eliasson 


"Basicly art is a YES to life.”
                              Friederich Nietzsche

Helmer Lång:

“ I have followed his career as an artist for more than twenty years and he has made astounding progress during this time, moving from experiments with readymades and other such work associated with trivial reality, through to his present exploration of new languages and unknown worlds that exist beyond the horizon of the everyday.

One of the latest paintings, I have seen, is entitled “ With a Magical Aura ”. This picture is a violent explosion in a starry sky, where ships and factory chimneys, crosses, arms and other objects from the real world seem to whirl about as if propelled by a celestial explosion. But despite all its interruption and multiplicity this work possesses a mysterious wholeness. The best of Carsten Nash’s latest work, all have this duality, this blend of violent drama and quiet harmony. The connection with Jorgen Nash is obvious – well, he is after all his father ( and why should he deny his inheritance? ). At the same time he is also a nephew of Asger Jorn and the adopted child of COBRA and seems to find his own road, walking the tightrope between the concrete and his fascination towards the mysterious and the world of dreams.

We are eager to travel with him around in his personal universe. A universe which embraces a philosophical insights and reflections in a playful humoristic fashion, revealing that we are in the company of a spontaneous and aesthetically experienced artist. He has over the years become more mature and substantial in his choice of colors, without letting them loose any of their youthful originality.

When you enter the world of Carsten Nash’s paintings, you find yourself on a new star, a manifold of colors and constant change of form, it’s absolutely fascinating.”

Helmer Laang – Dr. Phil., poet, Art and Literature


Johan Stroem:

“In his pictures apparent chaos is transformed into Kartian clarity where Nash exposes the inner soul of the matter and produces something that was very little bearing on its logical representation in the finite world. Maintaining the tension between the inner and outer soul of things is a sophisticated process and in this exhibition it is precisely this balancing act that fascinates; it is an attempt by an artist to comment on the state of the universe using the tools of his trade ­ a keen perceptiveness. Adding to this, is the fact that there is a magical aura surrounding the work of Carsten Nash ­ and because his paintings have aesthetic elements and are extremely moving, a visit to the gallery becomes more than just doing philosophical rounds.”

Johan Stroem, Helsingborg Daily News, Sweden, March 29th 1994


Ulf Berg:

“As a person and an artist Carsten Nash has always been quick to rise to the challenge when faced with a new set of problems. Since the 70’s his artistic expression has changed its choise of setting but its essence has always conveyed a feeling of warmth and optimism that is so typical of his work as an artist. In a succession of exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland his artistic intention has been reflected in both a lighthearted an a serious way. He has that rare ability to be able to adapt his expression to the immediate environment, subtly and quietly but colourful and humorous at the same time. His exhibition at “Galleri Caramel” has the same sparkling vitality as his previous works but differs in that it shows how the artist, over the past few years, has adopted a significantly distinct decisiveness in his choise of colour and composition. The succinct and lively way he approaches the surface and form is what gives his work its immense dignity.

Ulf Berg, Norrvaestra Skaanes Times, Sweden, March 27th 1994


 Fresh Fish; 2002
  oil on canvas 71 x 92 cm